You are a current employee. Your career can inspire the youngest. That's why Communitizz was created. Indeed, which is the best way to help a high school student or someone in reflexion about his professional career to fall in jobs if it is not by showing him concrete career.

How it works ?

Communitizz is a semantic search engine of people which indexes the pages of the public profiles to the professional social networks . The information indexed to these pages is only the ones which are left public (accessible to search engines). Modules allow to use our search engine on the comany's web sites. Then the Internet users can, if they wish for it, make requests on these modules to be sent back towards the professionnal social networks to see relevant routes. In summary, Communitizz works according to as any engine looks for such as Google, Bing or still Yahoo.

I was in one of your modules, why ?

If our search engine indexed you, it is because in your public profile, you indicated your trainings and because our semantic algorithms noticed them.

Is it my company which gave you my name ?

En aucun cas In no way; Communitizz needs information emanating from an establishment on its graduates. Our search engine is neutral and bases itself only on the indexation of the professional social networks.

What's to be done if I do not wish to be indexed ?

If you wish to be deindexed or not to be indexed, you just have to enter the public URLS of your profiles our form.

If you meet the slightest difficulty or have a question, do not hesitate to contact us via contact form