Delete data request

Request of deletion of search result in accordance with the European law regarding data protection

In a recent judgement (C-131 / 12, in May 13th, 2014), the Court of justice of the European Union considered that certain users have the right to ask the search engines to delete search results which include their name, when the right for the protection of the private life of the individuals prevails over the interest to present these search results.

Studizz goes farther by considering that every individual wishing to be deindexed by our search engines will be him automatically since he makes the request.

To be deindexed by our search engines, you just have to enter your email and the URLS of your public profiles. An email of confirmation will be sent to you to confirm your request of deindexation. URLS indicated as well as your email will be added to our list of deindexation. The sent email will be kept to avoid the fraudulent requests of abolition on behalf of people being been thought of as others by deindexing several people.

To be deindexed, please complete the following form

Credentials (ID card or Passport of current validity in the JPG or lower PNG in 2MB)
I guarantee that the information contained in this request is exact and that I am concerned by the identified Web pages, or that the concerned person authorizes me to send this request.
Check the box to confirm

It should be noted that if the URL (s) indicated change (in your request beside the concerned website(s) or on the initiative concerned website(s), we cannot guarantee the deindexation. If you notice an evolution of one of indicated URL, do not hesitate to indicate the new URL in the same form.

Responsible for the data processing: Studizz SAS
The collected information is the object of an IT processing intended to communicate and to answer your demands. The addressees of the data are: the CTO and the members of technical team.
According to the French law " computing and liberties " of January 6th, 1978 modified in 2004, you benefit from a right of access and from a rectification to the information which concern you, that you can exercise by sending you to Studizz SAS, IT Service, 440 clos de la courtine 93160 Noisy le Grand FRANCE or by this form.
You can also, for justifiable motives, oppose the data processing concerning you.